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Charging the Corvette C8 ERay

The newly released 2024 Chevy Corvette Eray is an exciting new electric vehicle offering exhilarating performance. With up to 645 horsepower of hybrid electric power, the Eray promises to combine the thrilling driving dynamics a Corvette is known for with the instant torque delivery of an electric motor. However, prospective Eray buyers may have questions about how one charges and fuels this revolutionary sports car.

How do you charge the ERay Corvette?

Looking for a way to charge the 1.9-kWh lithium-ion battery that powers the new ERay Corvette? Well, here’s some news for you:

You dont charge an ERay in the same way you would a fully electric car.

With this all-new system for the Corvette, there is no plug and no need to charge the E-Ray; simply driving it charges the system.

Surprised? Don’t be. Remember, this is not like a Tesla. The ERay hosts a fully-combustible LT2 V8 engine that pushes out 495 hp. The only electric motor on the ERay is the small electric drive unit that is located on the front axle. This small motor gives the front axle and additional 155hp. It also makes the ERay the first ever AWD Corvette in history.

How long can the C8 ERay drive on battery power only?

Should you operate the EDU only (no rear engine power), you can expect to get about 3-5 miles of range. Driving with only battery power is known as Stealth Mode. The biggest benefit to operating on only battery power is to save the ears of your neighbors.

Starting the LT2 V8 engine is not exactly quiet. If you have cranky neighbors, we recommend starting in Stealth Mode, and driving away a bit before starting the engine on your ERay.

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