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E-Ray Electric Drive Unit Review

For those familiar with the Corvette E-Ray, you know all about the electric drive unit that helps give raw horse power to the front axle. Well, this article is all about the electric propulsion system of the E-Ray. Although this motor is a small part of the over all hybrid-electric vehicle, it provides a massive advantage over other C8 Corvettes.

Corvette E-Ray Electric Drive Unit

The electrified propulsion system of the 2024 Corvette E-Ray delivers a thrilling burst of acceleration. It allows drivers to experience sharp turns at high speeds while keeping outstanding control of your vehicle. The acceleration this small motor provides is thanks to the additional 160hp it generates.

Additionally, it provides an option for limited all-electric drive during startup, at the driver’s command.

The E-Ray comes standard with an Active Fuel Management system, which cleverly uses the electric motor to prolong the 4-cylinder operation in diverse driving conditions.

The level of electric assistance is specifically adjusted for each of the six selectable driving modes in the Corvette E-Ray: Tour, Sport, Track, Weather, My Mode, and Z-Mode. Drivers also have the option to activate the Charge+ feature to maintain maximum battery charge.

According to Car and Driver, “Chevy says the E-Ray’s electrical components add about 300 pounds to the curb weight of the Corvette Z06 coupe and convertible.” That’s really not that much additional weight for 160 extra horsepower.

Stealth Mode Activated

While it sounds like something out of a James Bond movie, stealth mode is actually a real feature. Essentially, you can drive the vehicle for a short distance (up to 5 miles) without using the LT2 engine.

Stealth Mode allows for an all-electric driving experience, selectable at startup, for a limited duration before the transition to conventional engine-powered driving. This feature is primarily intended for noiseless departures from residential areas, with a top speed of 45 mph.

The engine is programmed to automatically kick in if the vehicle’s speed surpasses the set limit, the driver demands extra torque, or the battery power of the E-Ray gets exhausted.

What are the Drive Modes on the Corvette E-Ray?

Each drive mode will give a different amount of drive from the electric drive unit located on the front axle. You will have six default modes with your new Corvette:

  1. Tour
  2. Sport
  3. Track
  4. Weather
  5. My Mode (customizable)
  6. Z-Mode (customizable)

These drive modes, like in other Corvette models, will allow you to change far more than the electric drive unit. You can also change settings such as the suspension softness, traction control system, engine loudness, and gear shifting ratios.

What’s the Range on the ERay?

The ERay doesn’t have a range, persay, like other electric vehicles do. You can’t charge the ERay overnight, and expect to drive a few hundred miles on a single charge. It doesn’t work that way.

The Corvette ERay has a range of about 5 miles, while in stealth mode. Yes, 5 miles – that’s it. The entire purpose of the EDU is to give raw power to the front axel as a means for an aggressive AWD package – not offer long distances of gas-free driving. This isn’t a Tesla, folks.

Summary – Electric Drive Units on the Corvette E-Ray

The front axle motor on the E-Ray is what separates this from all other Corvette C8’s in production. This small, electric motor adds a whopping 160 horsepower, equaling a total of 655 horsepower for the entire vehicle! That is a crazy amount of power! To top all of this, the E-Ray comes with an AWD drivetrain, which means you expect superior handling and drag times.

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