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Corvette E-Rays

All About the E-Ray

C8 ERay and Stingray Exhaust Upgrades

Unleash the true potential of your C8 Corvette’s LT2 or hybridized ERay powertrain with our selection of aftermarket exhaust packages. A quality exhaust system opens up major restrictions in the factory manifolds and piping to let these high-performance engines properly breathe and make power. Our cat-back and axle-back Corvette exhaust kits improve power, torque, and throttle response by optimizing exhaust flow and giving your mid-engine Vette a roar befitting its supercar looks.

We offer exhausts crafted from premium stainless steel and titanium alloys for lasting durability in a range of aggressive to refined tones. With developers spending over 500 hours dyno testing to ensure maximum gains, our exhausts unlock 10-25 horsepower over stock while maintaining a refined, non-drone tone during casual driving. Installation is simplified with a direct OE-style bolt-on fitment.

C8 Corvette Exhausts For Sale

Free up that LT2 and take your C8 Corvette to higher levels of power and auditory excitement with one of our optimized exhaust packages from verified vendors. One of the best aftermarket upgrades you can do for your vehicle is replace the standard or Z51 exhaust with an aftermarket setup. The less restrictive exhaust pipes will allow your C8 to breath much better, and sound like a completely different (better) sports car!

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