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Does the C8 Corvette Have Butterfly Doors?

The C8 Corvette is the newest generation of Chevrolet’s iconic sports car. There has been some confusion around whether this latest Corvette model features exotic “butterfly” doors, which open upward instead of outward. However, no production Corvette in history, including the brand new mid-engine C8 Corvette, has ever been manufactured with butterfly doors. The Corvette has always been produced exclusively with standard front-hinged doors that open outward in the conventional manner. So, although they may look exciting, butterfly doors are simply not an option that the manufacturer provides on America’s original sports car.

Does the C8 Corvette Have Vertical Doors?

Unlike some exotic sports cars, no production Corvette has ever featured vertical doors. While aftermarket customizations may allow for this distinctive look, vertical doors do not come standard on the vehicle.

For over 60 years, all factory-produced Corvette models have maintained the iconic outward-opening side door design. So vertical doors are not an option you’ll find on the latest high-performance C8 straight from the manufacturer.

Aftermarket Butterfly Doors For the C8 Corvette

While some auto enthusiasts opt to customize their C8 Corvettes with aftermarket butterfly doors, Chevrolet does not offer this as a factory-installed feature on the Corvette – not on the latest C8 variant, nor on any preceding generations. The good news is, plenty of aftermarket butterfly doors can be found that are made specifically for the C8 Corvette series.

butterfly doors on a C8 corvette

If you are interested in equipped your ride with some butterfly doors, check out the following companies:

  • Paragon Performance
  • Vertical Doors, INC
  • Lambo Doors Direct

C8 Corvette Vertical Doors

While the C8 Corvette continues Chevrolet’s legacy of traditional side door design straight from the factory, several aftermarket companies have stepped in to offer vertical door kits for owners seeking a more exotic look. Businesses now can manufacture 100% bolt-on Lambo door hinge kits that lift and open the production doors upward instead of out. When you want to sell your C8, you can simply uninstall these doors and return your Corvette to stock.

They use CAD models and digital scanning for precision fitment with the C8 body lines. These direct replacement vertical door kits install in just a few hours with no vehicle modifications, allowing the latest Corvette generation to mimic the appearance of supercars at a fraction of their price. Multiple manufacturers now cater to Corvette enthusiasts who want to customize their Vettes to stand out.

vertical doors c8 corvette aftermarket

Whether seeking added attention at car shows or pursuing an eye-catching dream car garage, vertically opening doors are a popular upgrade that transform the C8’s presence. With the right bolt-on Lambo door kit, owners can equip their American icon with a touch of European exotic flair.

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