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C8 Corvette Order Status Codes Explained

Tracking the progress of your new mid-engine Chevy Corvette C8 order from placement to delivery can seem cryptic without the proper decoder ring. GM and dealerships use a sequence of numerical status codes that provide information on where an order stands in the pipeline. Getting familiar with the most common C8 Corvette order status codes helps owners understand the timeline and current status for their upcoming sports car delivery.

Monitoring order codes like 1100 for order placement, 2500 for production scheduling, 3300 for factory build sequencing, and 4200 for shipment provides visibility on how far along an order has progressed. Status updates like hold codes or delays also give owners an heads up on any issues holding an order back from advancing to production and delivery.

This guide will breakdown the key C8 Corvette order status notification numbers that owners will come across between order submission and final delivery. Understanding GM speak means no longer feeling left completely in the dark on your mid-engine dream car timeline. Learn what each status code means and what’s happening behind the scenes to bring your C8 order one step closer.

Order Status Codes For the C8 Corvette

Equipping yourself with knowledge of the most prevalent C8 order status codes takes the confusion out of the process. Here is a list of the order status codes directly issued by GM:

1000 ORDER ON HOLDER AT DEALERSHIP – The order has been placed on hold by the dealership

1100 ORDER PLACED AT DEALERSHIP / PRELIMINARY ORDER ACCEPTED – The initial order has been placed and accepted at the dealership level

1101 ORDER ENTERED INTO THE SYSTEM – The order has been input into the order tracking system

1102 ORDER ENTERED VIA WEB – The order was placed electronically via website by dealer

2000 ORDER ACCEPTED BY GM – General Motors has accepted and finalized the order

2001 ORDER GENERATED TO DEALER – Finalized order details have been sent back to dealer

2005 ORDER REPLACED BY GM PROSPEC ORDER – GM replaced this order with another special program order

2030 ORDER EDITED BY GM – Revisions were made to the order details by GM

2051 ORDER CHANGED THRU WEB – Order was modified thru dealer website

2500 ORDER PREFERENCED, SENT TO PRODUCTION – Order passed necessary checks and has been released for production

3000 ORDER ACCEPTED BY PRODUCTION CONTROL – Production planning group has received and accepted order

3100 ORDER AVAILABLE TO SEQUENCE – Order is eligible to be sequenced in the production line

3300 ORDER SELECTED, SCHEDULED FOR PRODUCITON – Specific build sequence has been set for this order

3400 ORDER BROADCAST FOR PRODUCTION – All build details sent to plant to begin production

3450 IMPORT VEHICLE PRODUCED – Imported vehicle has been manufactured

3550 IMPORT VEHICLE SHIPPED FROM PORT OF ORIGIN – Built import vehicle sent from international plant on route to destination

3575 IMPORT VEHICLE RECEIVED AT PORT OF ENTRY – International vehicle received at destination country port

3800 ORDER PRODUCED, VIN IS AVAILABLE – Vehicle has been built and the VIN is assigned

4000 VEHICLE AVAILABLE TO SHIP – Production complete, vehicle is ready for transport

4104 BAILMENT INVOICE – Billing processed for completed vehicle awaiting delivery

4106 BAILMENT RELEASED – Financial agreement cleared to release vehicle for shipment

4150 VEHICLE INVOICED – Final invoice created for produced vehicle

4B00 ORDER BAYED; VEHICLE IS WAITING ON TRANSPORTATION OR PULLED FOR QUALITY CONTROL – Vehicle held at bay awaiting transit carrier or for quality checks

4200 ORDER SHIPPED – Vehicle has left the plant for delivery to dealer

4300 INTERMEDIATE DELIVERY – Vehicle is at an intermediate holding point during shipping

4800 RAIL RAMP UNLOAD; VEHICLE AT RAIL ROAD DESTINATION AWAITING TRUCK TRANSPORT TO DEALER – Vehicle transported via railway has arrived at local rail yard awaiting dealer truck pick up

5000 VEHICLE DELIVERED TO DEALER – Vehicle received by dealer destination

6000 VEHICLE DELIVERED TO CUSTOMER – Vehicle sale finalized and delivered to customer

9000 ORDER CANCELED – Order has been cancelled

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