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Will the Strike Affect Corvette ERay Production?

For those who aren’t aware, United Automobile Workers group 2164 at the Corvette Assembly Plant held a vote to conduct a strike. Many people are wondering if a strike held by union workers will affect their Corvette ERay production timelines. While the answer is likely yes, this article will dig into the latest news surrounding this strike, and give you some information we feel will help give you a better understanding of how this affects the ordering process.

United Automobile Workers 2164 Seek Strike Authorization

The United Auto Workers union reported that around 97% of members at the automakers voted to authorize a potential strike, though final vote tallies are still being finalized. This overwhelming level of support mirrors what was seen four years ago, when 96% voted to authorize strike action during previous negotiations.

The “strike authorization vote” is part of the UAW’s constitution and viewed as a procedural step in talks. While the vote results historically show strong support for authorizing a strike, it does not necessarily mean a work stoppage will occur.

UAW President Shawn Fain stressed that the goal is not to strike but to reach agreements satisfactory to members. However, he noted the vote helps prepare in case they need to take action to secure a fair contract. The union aims to avoid a strike but wants to be ready with membership support if stalled negotiations require dramatic action.

ERay Ordering Delayed Due to Strike

It appears that Chevrolet has pushed back the launch of its E-Ray model, despite originally telling dealers it would start taking orders on August 17th. Dealers were surprised when they received allocations last week that did not include the E-Ray, only the Stingray and Z06 models. This week, when the order system opened up, dealers again reported they did not receive E-Ray allocations to pair with customer orders.

Chevrolet has now delayed E-Ray production until October 23rd, which is nearly six weeks after the United Auto Workers’ contract with automakers expires on September 14th. Some speculate Chevrolet may be trying to remove urgency around the E-Ray launch during contentious contract negotiations.

The UAW is seeking sizeable pay increases and reduced working hours, demands the automakers say could cost up to $80 billion annually and threaten viability. The automakers argue domestic labor costs are already higher compared to foreign automakers. Both sides are posturing as the contract expiration nears.

By postponing E-Ray production until after a new UAW contract is finalized, Chevrolet may be attempting to eliminate urgency to reach a deal with half-built cars awaiting production. Many would prefer labor disputes resolved before launching a new model.

How Have Previous Strikes Affected the C8 Corvette?

The last time the United Auto Workers went on strike in 2019, the work stoppage lasted 40 days and postponed the launch of the C8 Corvette by multiple months. The unfortunate truth is, strikes can happen at any time, and they will likely affect productions timelines of the C8, and any future variants of the Corvette. Chevrolet is notoriously quick with handling their strikes when compared to other automotive organizations, though, if that makes you feel any better.

Ordering Your Corvette C8 ERay

Even with the possibility of a strike looming, there are good reasons to go ahead and order your E-Ray if you’ve been waiting for this exciting new model. Keep in mind that any production delays due to a strike would likely be temporary. Once a contract agreement is reached, manufacturing will resume and ramp up to meet demand for hot new vehicles, like the E-Ray. We recommend readers to go ahead and order your Corvette ERay.

Ordering now also reserves your place in line and ensures you’ll get one of the first models off the production line when available. The E-Ray’s incredible performance and technology make it well worth waiting a bit longer if needed. Don’t let uncertainty of workers holding a strike deter you from ordering this first-of-its-kind Corvette.

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