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Analyzing Data Reveals Top 7 States for New 2023 Corvette Z06 Deliveries

An analysis of data representing 3,301 (72%) of the approximately 4,600 Z06s produced so far has provided insights into the top states for new 2023 Corvette Z06 deliveries. This analysis aims to identify which states provide the best chance of claiming a Corvette Z06. By examining the distribution of deliveries across different regions, car enthusiasts can gain valuable insights into the popularity of the new Corvette model in specific states.

Analysis of Corvette C8 Z06 Deliveries:

The data analysis reveals that seven states stand out as the top contenders for new 2023 Corvette Z06 deliveries. These states include California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, New York, Illinois, and Ohio. The analysis shows a higher concentration of Z06 deliveries in these regions, indicating a higher demand for the iconic sports car in these states.


California emerges as the frontrunner in the list, with a significant number of Z06 deliveries, suggesting it provides the best chance for car enthusiasts in the state to claim a Corvette Z06. The popularity of the Corvette brand and the state’s large population of sports car enthusiasts could contribute to this high demand.


Following closely behind, Texas ranks second in the list of top states for Z06 deliveries. The Lone Star State has a reputation for its love of powerful, performance-driven vehicles, and it appears that this enthusiasm extends to the Z06 as well. With a substantial number of deliveries in Texas, prospective buyers in the state have a good chance of obtaining a Corvette Z06.


Florida secures the third spot on the list, with a notable number of Z06 deliveries. The state’s pleasant weather, attractive driving conditions, and thriving car culture make it an ideal market for high-performance sports cars like the Z06.


With its rich automotive history and as the home state of General Motors, Michigan proves to be a strong market for the Corvette Z06. The state’s deep-rooted connection to the automotive industry and a highly passionate community of car enthusiasts contribute to the higher number of deliveries in Michigan.

New York:

New York also emerges as one of the top states where Z06 deliveries are concentrated. The state’s vibrant urban culture and the presence of numerous car enthusiasts contribute to the demand for high-end sports cars like the Corvette Z06.


Illinois, particularly the Chicago area, exhibits a significant number of Z06 deliveries. The state’s metropolitan environment and a diverse population of car enthusiasts make it a prominent market for sports car manufacturers.


Closing the list, Ohio demonstrates its popularity as a market for the new Corvette model, with a considerable number of Z06 deliveries. The state’s strong automotive industry and enthusiasts’ passion for performance vehicles contribute to the high demand for Corvette Z06s.

Will ERay Deliveries Match Z06 States?

Unfortunately, you can’t use the information about to forecast the top states for ERay deliveries. They are just different cars, with a different production timeline, and different customer base. Sure, the C8 enthusiasts will all probably love them, but I would argue a person that loves the Z06 might be different from the person that loves the ERay hybrid sports car.

We will have to simply wait, and see.

Summary of Delivery Analysis of the C8 Z06

The data analysis of Z06 deliveries reveals the top seven states where new 2023 Corvette Z06s are most sought after. California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, New York, Illinois, and Ohio emerge as the frontrunners, indicating a significant demand for the iconic sports car in these regions. Car enthusiasts residing in these states have a better chance of claiming a Corvette Z06 due to higher delivery concentrations.

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