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From a buyer’s perspective, ordering the 2024 Corvette E-Ray has been an exciting (yet frustrating) process due to the overall lack of communication from General Motors. As an early order placers, we were thrilled last week to finally receive one of the first, very limited allocations granted to buyers by Chevrolet for the new 2024 Corvette ERay. While the total number of these initial allocations is unknown, it sounds like GM is slowly rolling out the new Performance Hybrid model.

Order Process For the Corvette C8 ERay

For those who don’t know, the ordering process for the C8 Corvette ERay involves a few key steps:

  1. Find a Chevrolet dealer that is authorized to sell the C8 Corvette and is accepting orders. Many dealers have waitlists or other requirements before they will accept an order.
  2. Determine the model, options, and color combinations you want for your C8. This includes deciding between coupe and convertible, engine options like base Stingray or Z06, and personalized options like interior colors, wheels, brake calipers, etc.
  3. Place your ERay order with the dealer. You’ll likely need to put down a deposit. The dealer will enter the order into GM’s system.
  4. Wait for your order to be accepted by GM and receive an order number. This can take weeks or months depending on demand.
  5. Monitor your order status on sites like as it progresses from order placed to accepted by GM to scheduled for production to built.
  6. When the car is built, it will ship from the factory in Bowling Green, KY to your selling dealer. Expect 1-3 months for shipping.
  7. When the car arrives, the dealer will contact you to come in, finalize paperwork, and take delivery!

The ordering and waiting process for the new ERay can be lengthy. Having a good relationship with your dealer and staying on top of order status is key to making the process as smooth as possible.

Production Status Verified For The ERay

Initial orders have been placed for the highly anticipated 2024 Corvette E-Ray hybrid, and now allocation information is starting to emerge. Last week, Chevrolet granted some limited E-Ray allocations to select dealers, marking the first known allocations for the new model so far. While the total number granted is unknown, it appears General Motors is taking a slow, controlled ramp up approach for the E-Ray launch.

According to industry sources, some of those first E-Ray allocations have now reached 3000 status, meaning they are “Accepted by Production Control.” Additionally, sources say the coveted first two E-Ray VIN 001 and 002 production cars have also reached 3000 status. This is exciting news!

More on the ERay Production Roll Out

Other key details on the E-Ray rollout:

  • Dealers are reporting a forthcoming order cycle that will match more E-Ray and Z06 orders to allocated slots.
  • Communication around the E-Ray ordering process from GM has been lacking, leaving dealers unsure on timelines.
  • Some buyers have secured premium PIM orders which allow selection of a specific VIN. One known PIM order remains at 2000 status but expected to progress soon.
  • General Motors is being very selective on which dealers are seeing these first allocations, with some national dealers only receiving a handful of build slots.

While buyer experiences cannot be confirmed, industry insiders suggest early E-Ray order holders are excited to finally see real movement after months of waiting. Reaching 3000 status is a major milestone signaling the unique hybrid Corvette is on the road to production. But GM’s tightly controlled rollout means most buyers still have a lengthy wait ahead.

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