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With the new 2024 Corvette E-Ray around the corner, lots of questions are starting to come up in regards to the range of the ERay itself. What most people still don’t realize, is the C8 ERay is not truly an electric vehicle, so it won’t have a very long range when compared to other EVs. In this article, we’ll take a look at the potential ranges of the ERay when in fully electric mode.

What is the Range of the 2024 Corvette C8 ERay?

The range of the 2024 C8 Corvette ERay is only 5 miles. This range is only possible while in a fully electric mode (a.k.a stealth mode). Since the C8 ERay is not an electric vehicle, it simply doesn’t have a very long range like other fully electric vehicles.

Many people compare the ERay to something like a Tesla, when in reality, they are completely different vehicles. A Tesla is a fully electric vehicle (EV), that depends on only battery power. The range on fully electric vehicles can exceed several hundred miles before having to find a charging station. Obviously, this range will depend on different makes and models.

The ERay hosts a small electric drive (EDU) unit that powers the front axle. This small electric motor delivers approximately 160hp to the front axle, making the ERay the first ever produced all wheel drive Corvette in history. The real purpose of this motor is to help power the drive train of the ERay – not to give it incredibly impressive ranges.

The Corvette E-Ray’s Stealth Mode

When the V8, 6.2L engine is turned off, and only the EDU is engaged, you have officially activated what’s called Stealth Mode. Stealth Mode only utilizes the electric motor’s power on the front axel. While in Stealth Mode, your ERay will have a range of roughly 5 miles.

Most people use this mode to navigate their neighborhood, saving the neighbors from the loud (and awesome) noise that the engine can produce. Early reports suggest that while in Stealth Mode, the ERay gives off a very unique, and very cool sound. Most users report that the hybrid sports car sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie.

If you watch the video above, you can see exactly what they are talking about. Do you like the sound of Stealth Mode? Let us know in the comments below.

The Corvette ERay is Not an Electric Vehicle

As we mentioned earlier, the ERay is not classified as an electric vehicle. To be crystal clear, it barely qualifies as a hybrid.

The electric drive unit is the only part on this hybrid sports car that powers the drive train, from an electric point of view. The real point of this EDU is to provide raw, instant power to the front axle, that’s it. This EDU is why the ERay offers all wheel drive. This all wheel drive package will open up a whole new world in the competitive racing scene for Chevrolet Corvette enthusiasts. There are currently no other Corvettes that offer an AWD experience.

Electric Drive Unit

The electric drive unit is what seperates the C8 Corvette ERay from other C8 models. No other model to date has this nifty little motor. This motor delivers a whopping 160 horsepower to the front axle, giving the ERay a horsepower rating of 645 horsepower. The C8 ERay’s electric drive unit is coupled with the LT2 V8 engine that the C8 Stingray uses. These two power sources give the ERay its’ lightning fast speed that is catching the internet by storm.

eray electric drive unit diagram
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