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The recently tested 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray is the quickest Corvette ever made, hitting 60 mph faster than any previous model. Instrumented performance testing by the experts at Car and Driver revealed the E-Ray’s incredible acceleration capabilities. The Corvette E-Ray may not be out yet, but that still doesn’t stop people from wondering how fast these hybrid beasts are. The new body style C8 Corvette Stingray and Z06 both have impressive 0-60 times, but what is the Corvette E-Ray 0-60 time? Is it slower, or faster than the sister styles of the same C8 generation?

What is the Corvette E-Ray 0-60 Time?

In professional track testing by Car and Driver, the 2024 Corvette E-Ray covered 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. This shatters the previous Corvette 0-60 mph record. The E-Ray’s unique hybrid all-wheel drive system enables it to put all of its 655 horsepower to the ground instantly for these brutal launches.

The eRay, surprisingly, is even faster than both the Z06 and Z51 Stingray. While the eRay hasn’t officially released their first build for the general consumer, yet, we know that the 0-60 time is advertised as 2.5 seconds – per Chevrolet’s website.

To put this into perspective, this is faster than most supercars on the market right now. The McLaren 570S, Lamborghini Huracan and Aventador, and Ferarri 488 GTB all come in with 0-60 times slower than the Corvette eRay.

It is important to note that while the 0-60 time on the eRay is advertised as faster than most supercars, it is important to note that the supercars will probably blow the eRay away in a 0-100 time, or quarter mile time gate.

Why is the E-Ray So Fast?

The Corvette E-Ray is so fast thanks to the motor located at the front axle of the vehicle. This is known as an electric drive unit (EDU), and it offers an additional 160 horsepower solely to the front axel. This means it has an AWD drivetrain, and much more horsepower. While the Z06 and Z51 packages are still very fast for their price point, they do not have this additional front electric motor that propels the eRay (literally) into a class of its’ own.

We won’t let the EDU take all of the credit, though. The eRay still sports the LT2 V8 6.2L engine that puts the C8 into such high regard with sports car enthusiasts. It is said that Chevrolet reverse engineered the 400 series Ferrari, and came up with the LT2 engine that we know of today.

According to Top Speed “The Stingray packs a 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V-8 producing 490 horsepower while the Z06 packs a brand new 670-horsepower, 5.5-liter LS6 V-8 that is much lighter and has a higher redline, thanks to a flat-plane crankshaft.” This engine is truly a marvelous work of art.

The ERay is Easier to Control Than Other Supercars

Part of what makes the E-Ray’s performance so impressive is that its brutal acceleration runs are attainable simply by flooring the throttle, without needing to engage tricky launch control procedures required in many rival supercars. The E-Ray will accelerate nearly as quickly in real world scenarios as it does in instrumented testing.

How Quick is the E-Ray without Launch Control?

To simulate a real world sudden acceleration event, Car and Driver tested the 0-60 time of the E-Ray without using the car’s advanced launch control settings. Just stomping on the throttle from a standstill, the E-Ray covered 0-60 mph in a ridiculously quick 2.9 seconds.

That makes this $150,000 Chevy quicker in a impromptu stoplight drag race than $300,000+ supercars from the likes of Ferrari or Lamborghini when they aren’t in launch control mode. The Corvette E-Ray redefines the expectations for acceleration among high performance sports cars.

Where Can You Buy a Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray?

The E-Ray is currently in a prerelease status, meaning that if you can find a dealer that has allocations, they will presell you an eRay. You’ll most definitely have to wait in line for years (literally), but there is no other way around it right now. Expect to see a huge premium over MSRP for the eRay upon release, just like we saw for the base C8 Stingray and Z06. I wouldn’t be surprised if they fetched 100,000 USD over MSRP for at least the first year they came out.

Alternatively, you can buy a Corvette E-Ray through our dealer matching page. On this page, you will find authorized and vetted dealers from across the country that have their electric E-Rays for sale. We vet everyone that sells through us to ensure you are only connected with legitimate business owners that have a great reputation.

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