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The newly released 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Eray represents a revolutionary step forward for the iconic American sports car. While retaining the classic Corvette formula of an affordable, high-performance coupe, the switch to a mid-engine layout has dramatically improved the C8’s handling and driving dynamics. In this article, we’ll take a close look at how the Eray performs on the road and track.

Precise Handling of the Hybrid ERay

One of the most noticeable improvements in the C8 ERay is the handling. The mid-engine configuration gives the new Corvette nearly ideal front/rear weight distribution of 48/52. This along with the stiff chassis and finely tuned suspension gives the Eray razor sharp steering and incredible handling capabilities.

ERay traction control system

The Eray feels nimble and eager to change direction, with quick turn-in response.

ERay Traction Control

In addition to precise steering, the C8 also provides tenacious grip. This is due to three improvements:

  • Tractional Control System
  • Electric Drive Unit (EDU)
  • High Quality Tire Dimensions

The Corvette C8 Eray comes standard with an advanced electronic traction control system to maximize grip and acceleration. The system uses sensors to detect any wheel slip during acceleration.

If slip is detected, it quickly applies the brakes to the spinning wheel along with reducing engine power to regain traction. This helps transfer power to the slipping wheel with more grip rather than just spinning the wheels faster.

The C8 ERays’ traction control is highly tunable, with modes ranging from a more intrusive stability setting to completely disabled for track use. This allows drivers to fine tune the system to match their particular driving style and conditions.

The standard skinny front tires have been replaced with wider staggered wheels and tires. The big 305-width rear tires offer tremendous traction, allowing you to put the power down coming out of corners with no wheel spin. The advanced electronic limited-slip differential also improves traction by sending more torque to the outside wheel during hard cornering.

Electric Drive Unit on the ERay

The main difference between the ERay and the base C8 / Z06 is the addition of what’s called an electric drive unit, or EDU. This drive unit is an electric motor that drives 160hp directly to the front axel of the ERay. This unit exactly why the ERay is classified as a hybrid sports car.

This nifty little motor also is what gives the ERay ALL WHEEL DRIVE!

Yes, that’s right – all wheel drive. We’ll get more into this historic achievement later on in this article.

eray electric drive unit diagram

Contrary to many rumors, the ERay is not a fully electric sports car – it’s a hybrid. It still uses a combustible gas engine in the form of the LT2 V8 6.2L that the C8 stingray has.

Extreme Handling Under Extreme Conditions

A concern with mid-engine cars is snap oversteer. But the C8 exhibits very little of this tendency, staying remarkably composed when pushed to the limit. The balance and poise at the edge gives you confidence to explore the incredible cornering capabilities.

The Performance Traction Management System lets you fine tune the electronic stability control as well

Is the Corvette ERay All Wheel Drive?

Yes! The Corvette ERay offers an All Wheel Drive drivetrain. This is the first time in history a Corvette of any model has offered AWD. One of the only drawbacks to this monster of a sports car has been the lack of an AWD. This is where it falls short when compared to sports cars like the 911 or GTR. Well, this is not longer an issue since the ERay is now all wheel drive.

0 – 60 Times For the ERay

In addition to cornering grip, the C8 Eray offers incredible straight-line performance. The 6.2L V8 LT2 engine produces a whopping 495 horsepower, in addition to an electric drive unit that gives an additional 160hp to the front wheels via the front axle.

The end result is explosive acceleration times – the Eray can rocket from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds (2.5, according to Chevrolet) thanks in part to its well-calibrated traction and stability control system.

The acceleration pushes you back in the seat while the evocative V8 soundtrack enhances the thrill.

Summary – How Does the Corvette ERay Handle?

The new C8 Corvette Eray represents a giant leap forward for the iconic sports car. The mid-engine layout transforms the handling, giving the C8 a nimble yet stable feel.

Handling and driving are two things that this hybrid sports car does extremely well. We don’t expect any owner to complain about the ERay in this area.

Drivers will love exploring the incredible capabilities of the Eray on both road and track. For half the price of an Italian supercar, the C8 Eray delivers driving excitement that is simply unmatched by anything in this price range.

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